Half a Week #1: White Navy Sunday


For half a week, I was able to capture my outfits until hump day of course. Here's the first post - White Navy Sunday! It was a normal but blessed Sunday. As I was getting ready, my eyes caught an old white dress so I paired it with my favorite navy blue blazer. It's becoming common to see me in blue and I don't know how that happened. I used to wear pink from head to toe when I was 16 so we thank God for growth! I slipped on my coral pointed-toe pumps then switched to black strappy pumps. Black leggings/black shoes combo doesn't appeal to me but I stuck with this simple look and off I went. Looks like my colorful side did not prevail that day. Meanwhile, in church, I had an epiphany which I'll share in a separate post.

My friend, Ozi was kind enough to capture some "blogger snapzzz" afterwards. Thanks bebe, I owe you puff-puff. :)


Thanks guys and I hope you got inspired by this post.

- Memkoh