Half a Week #2: Mystery Rave, Colorful Coat plus Winter Hat

Continued from the first post in the "Half a Week" Series. After church on Sunday, I washed my hair and geared up for a sew-in because I was tired of watching my strands fall off everytime I comb it. Thanks Winter! During my hair drying break (yes, I take breaks because of the thickness of my hair), I went to my closet to look for who-knows-what and found this black hat I got during the summer. Since my hair had magically parted itself in the center, I plopped on the hat and it sat perfectly. Did I sew in that weave or did I rock my hat to school on Monday? Find out...

P.s. These fur boots have been so faithful to me this winter. I barely wore them when I bought them 2 years ago but I had no other option after my riding boots gave up.


See you in part 3 :)