Let Go and Let God

Article after article, blog post after blog post, I read about and pondered on what people had to say about the expression “Let Go and Let God”. Some agreed, some disagreed but many related it to a nonchalant attitude of Christians to push everything to God with or without prior effort. The expression “Let Go and Let God” as I realized, is in fact, incomplete. Instead, it should be written as “Let Go…and Let God”. In life, there are three things – ourselves, people and our circumstances (natural or otherwise) that ultimately affect our frame of mind and existence. An understanding of how each of these factors play a huge role in our lives will help us clarify what it truly means to “Let Go and Let God”.

Let Go…of Yourself…and Let God:

In case you did not know, we can be hindrances to our own progress. Not believing in ourselves, not working hard towards achieving our personal goals and making wrong/hasty choices are a few ways we can be obstacle to ourselves. So knowing that we have this paramount ability to annul our good fortune will help us check our excesses. And what is a better way to check your excesses than to commit your entire being to God? Let go of all your weaknesses, all your imperfections and every other thing in you that militates against your progress and cast them to God. All He wants from us is the effort, a sincere effort towards righteousness, doing good and living a good life. To achieve this, you can neither be in denial of your inadequacies feign perfection so Let Go of Yourself (and those things about yourself that seem beyond your control) and Let God mould you.

Let Go…of People…and Let God:

We are all guilty of this - holding on to people for longer than they were meant to stay. You should know that God puts people in our lives at certain times, to accomplish a certain purpose. Once these instruments of God’s glory are done with their assigned task(s), they have to keep it moving. And if God sees that they will end up being detrimental to our progress, He unlinks them from us. But being human, mere flesh, we do not see things in this light. We believe that somehow, everyone who merely knows our name will hold on with us from birth till we depart. So false! People come into our lives and these same people go to pave way for newer people to come into our lives. It is a never-ending cycle and holding on to someone whose next destination is out of our reach is only going to disrupt this cycle. Of course, this does not mean that you should kick out every body that comes into your life or throw away meaningful friendships and relationships. No! This is a clarification, to help you understand why that person (family, friend, colleague, partner, etc.) had to go. It is hard and may seem impossible but you need to learn to Let Go of People and Let God into your life.

Let Go…of Circumstances…and Let God:

This is perhaps the only meaning that most people attach to this quote. They say that life is a bed of roses but you and I know this is an atrocious lie. I believe you know the cliché “Life is full of ups and downs” line. Allow me to add that life is full of zigzags. Many of the circumstances we find ourselves in can be triumphed with a little intelligence and a lot of perseverance but what happens to those circumstances that are beyond your control, which is probably all of life? What do you do when you cannot change the course of life to fit your well thought-out plans? It is best to commit everything into God’s hands, both the situations you think you have control over and those that are way above your head. And by so doing, you will have nothing but peace of mind, even in the midst of turbulence. God is all you need every day, not just on the days that you feel incompetent to get out of bed. He is the calm in the midst of the storm that is life so you should practice how to Let Go of Circumstances and Let God take care of them.

I know this was long read, but I hope you got something out of it. We learn as we breathe!