Banquet Ready


To cap off Valentine's weekend, my church hosted its Annual Red Rose Banquet. We started it last year and this year, it was even better than the first. I had to pack my outfit as I left for church in the morning because I wasn't going to return home to get dressed. So I grabbed this gorgeous red dress that I bought over the Christmas break. It has pockets!!! Finishing up my look with red lipstick was a pretty bold decision. I had already applied my nude lipstick which is what I usually wear when I have a really bright color on. But I wiped it and smacked on Hang Up on my outer lip and Russian Red on my inner lip. I used the darker color on my outer lip to sort of discontinue the brightness of the red. Otherwise, I would have felt like they were running into each other. Can you tell that I can only handle red in little bits? That's why the dress I wore on Valentine's Day wasn't completely red (I bought this one first). Okay, back to the Banquet. Among other fun bits, our Red Rose Banquet included a Fashion Show and all designs were made in-house. Awesomeness! I made 2 purses (see the pictures), necklace, a bowtie and earrings and modeled. The circle skirt I'm wearing was made by MyStyleOasis and the top was made by ZiChieDesigns. I love their passion for sewing and as you'll see on their pages, they are both really great with their sewing machines. Red, White and Black were the colors for the entire collection. It was a fun evening, everyone had a great time and of course, I ended it with my camera and tripod when I got home. :D


Hope you liked this look :)