Couture Fashion Week, New York (Part I)


2nd row seat at Couture Fashion Week felt so good! He got you a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. I got myself a new pair of shoes and a ticket to Couture Fashion Week, New York. 50/50 or should I say 20/80?Man no go vex :P LOL why so salty?

I had such a great time as you can already imagine so I'll spare you the details. Actually, I won't. I'll tell you all about it from the moment I bought my ticket. :P For your sake, all the writing will come before the pictures as I do not want to interrupt the visual process with words. So everything you are about to see is described here.

I was going through campus organized events for February and came across this trip to Couture Fashion Show, New York. Excitedly, I sent my friends a text to see who was interested but no one was. I was going to do this alone, for myself because I was not going to pass this up. How often do you get discounted tickets (transportation included) to New York for a fashion show?

Three weeks before the event, I went to buy my ticket but the office was closed. A week later, I withdrew money again (don't ask what happened to the first one :D ) and on getting to the ticket office, it was "closed"...AGAIN!!! As I was about to walk away, a little voice told me to knock and I complied. To my surprise, a lady opened the window and smiled, telling me that they do that a lot. What??? Anyway, I asked for a ticket to the Couture Fashion Show and she told me that I was so lucky as I was about to get the last ticket. There was no turning back now and the cash-for-ticket exchange occurred in a split second. Smiling from ear to ear, I tucked my ticket into my wallet and walked happily to choir practice. Dare I lose it!

February 15th: I woke up quite early, got ready and caught the 10am bus. We got to New York at noon and on seeing that I was alone, another student asked me if she could hang out with me till showtime. We had a heavy lunch that sent me into nap mode but after a trip to Dave & Busters, that was taken care of. When we eventually got to the venue, New Yorker Hotel, I noticed that everyone I came with was not fancily dressed; we were not given any dress code. Although I was excited to be attending Couture Fashion Week, I did not want to be over-dressed (compared to the rest of the people I came with). We were all in jeans/leggings and a sweater. As we waited in line to get in, I gave myself a little pep-talk. “You don’t know any of the people you came with and none of them paid for you to come here. So get dressed and don't be worried about looking over-dressed. It's COUTURE Fashion Week and you came prepared!”. With that, I told my new friend that I was heading to the bathroom to get dressed. It was 3:51pm.

After many huffs and puffs, I emerged from the bathroom. I politely asked for permission and was granted access to take pictures of the models in the dressing room which was nearby. As you can imagine, I was too excited but the stares I received as I walked in sent me out in 5 seconds; I still went back for a few more shots. On my way to the hall, I stopped to talk to an artist, Oksana Tanasiv, who had brought her fashion paintings for an exhibition. Interestingly, her pieces were hand-embellished with fabric and Swarovski crystals. But from afar, they all looked painted. I thought they were gorgeous and very well executed (you'll see for yourself). We exchanged business cards and I proceeded to the hall. I made it back in time, well enough to steal a picture on the catwalk before the show started. :)

The first collection was by Ikali Sukhalu, with the Northeast India Academy of Performing Arts (NIAPA). Her collection was an eclectic mix of prints, colors and textures infused with Naga culture (Nagaland, India). Each piece had its unique cut, shape and style and as the models strutted out, I noticed a progression from more traditional pieces to western influenced clothing. I can go on and more about the first 3 designers here.

Let's do this!


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