#WeddingWednesday | Married or Divorced

Disclaimer: I am not married, never been married, never been in a successful relationship...yet. So, this post is totally an outsider's perspective. I wrote this in Shanghai after one of my catch-up sessions on BellaNaija WeddingsI LOVE weddings! I always have, and as a child, I was constantly part of bridal trains. Sadly, I've only been to 2 weddings in the last 5 years; I don't know what my friends are waiting for. Ok I'm done blabbing. Enjoy! :)


I was just thinking about weddings and how everyone loves the Big White Wedding Ceremony in a Basilica-style Cathedral with jaw-dropping everything. Then I thought to myself “but not everyone believes in God, let alone considers themselves Christian”. But somehow, they run to “the church” on their big day. Undeniably, many have stood in Cathedral-style churches or regular churches and not only professed their undying love for their partner, but promised to stick with their partner no matter what course the race of life takes them.

Why take an oath, that oath of marriage consecration before God and man when the former is only a variable in your life?