Rain boots, Waffles and Peace

“You never thought you’d be walking around your house in rain boots right”? He was right! This morning around 7:30am or earlier, I jumped out of my bed to the melody of the fire alarm. As I ran out, I did not see flames or a sparking plug or anything that screamed fire. All I saw was water and in minutes, my entire apartment received the water heartily. I looked around and at that point, everything I owned seemed worthless. So there was no need to “save” anything. I’m not writing this post to complain about what happened. It’s about the things that followed what happened. Surprisingly, I did not fuss over anything that got soaked neither was I angry. I was actually really surprised and I felt nothing but peace within me. The guy who was helping to pump out the water said “You seem really calm even with all this. I would have been snappy”. That was when I knew I had to write about this.

2014-01-05 10.04.15
2014-01-05 10.04.15

For the knowledge that worse things happen to people and lives get lost in seconds, a dripping wet apartment was nothing. It had already happened and I was not going to beat myself up for any material item that seemed so worthless that I did not run out with it initially. When most of the water was gone, I walked into my room, surveyed the mess, shrugged and dragged out my suitcase filled with Indomie (not clothes, not shoes - it's all about priorities right?). Please refrain from asking why I don't keep them in my kitchen.

Some hours later, I texted my friends and they were kind enough to visit me after church. I had just missed Thanksgiving service. Needless to say, it was a great time with awesome and loving people. A few burnt waffles were made in the process.

The entire time, I kept thinking to myself “It could have been worse”. I could have woken up to a burning house, or if the kind alarm hadn’t gone off, I would not have woken up until the water level got high enough to touch my dangling feet. Or I could have not woken up at all! But none of this happened. Remember that Bible passage that says May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding…?” Hold on; let me pull up the full verse. à Philippians 4:7 - “and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”. Amen. That was it! Peace. Absolute Peace. Perfect Peace. Unbelievable Peace. Unexplainable Peace. But peace nonetheless. The Peace of God, calming me in the midst of a storm.

I might go to my 8am class tomorrow in dripping clothes but at least, I’m alive. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and hold on to your glasses because we are not yet done with this toast to life and its beautiful struggles.

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