Ayok Ukpa Iba

Photo by Ahmadreza Sajadi

Photo by Ahmadreza Sajadi

Ayok Ukpa Iba

Just in case the constellations align in our favor

Just in case her members burn with delight

right above our temples

You will need these rules

for a healthier swim back.


Before you caress my essence

with your gaze

Before your compass locates my bearing

so you appear a ripple away from me

Before your pentadactyl emerges

for a gentle squeeze

And before your misty slugs tremble

to search for fluffy limericks

All in a bid to coerce me a second time,

Use your skull!


Because if you fail again,

I will entwine your arteries and veins

Then scramble the rhythm of your heart.

And unless my song is all a blur,

the next stroke will be the last of its kind.


We've reached our next concourse.

Dare to proceed?

- Memkoh

*Ayok Ukpa Iba means the second time around or second chances.